MARATHON ® MA-VPD39-IP - Outdoor

MARATHON ® MA-VPD39-IP - Outdoor

Item# MA-VPD39-IP

Product Description


New LED module design for getting higher contrast ratio, also guarantee same brightness

Universal Features

  • Universal module, no need to distinguish left/right or up/down modules.
  • 500*500 & 500*1000mm panels could be mixed using together.

Product protection Feature

  • Special corner protector design at four edges
  • Bottom gap design to protect lamps on the bottom

Modular Feature

  • Quick replacement, integrated back box, which includes power supply, receiving & distribution cards, wireless and improved connection design for more reliable and fast operation.Moreover, the same box is compatible to all Dragon series.

Feature of installation

  • Automatic lock for single person quick operation, upgraded curved lock for more convenient installation.

Stack assembly with ground support system
Maximized utilization:multifunctional pedestal can be used as hanging ba

Pixel Pitch 2.6/3.9mm 2.6/3.9mm 3.9/4.8mm 3.9/4.8mm
Size of Module 250mmx250mm 250mmx250mm 250mmx250mm 250mmx250mm
Resolution of Module 96x96/64x64 96x96/64x64 128x64/104x52 128x64/104x52
Density(dots/m2) 147456/65536 147456/65536 65536/43264 65536/43264
Size of Cabinet (mm) 500x500x83 500x1000x83 500x500x83 500x1000x83
Cabinete Material Die-casting Die-casting Die-casting Die-casting
Weight of cabinete 8.0KG 14KG 8.0KG 14KG
Support Hanging Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support Removeable Yes Yes Yes Yes
Max Power Consumpion 450w/m2 450w/m2 600w/m2 600w/m2
Driving Method 1/32 1/16 1/32 1/16 1/16 1/13 1/16 1/13
Refresh frequency 3000Hz 3000Hz 3000Hz 3000Hz
Brightness 800cd/m2 800cd/m2 4500cd/m2 4500cd/m2
IP Grade IP30 IP30 IP65 IP65

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