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A fast surging company, on a leg for 7 years now. And still competing with the big guys to prove that they could be massive, become a threat to this expanding industry. Continuously scoring against the malign economic occurrence, Marathon® Professional, a company that is far beyond the rest, strategically placing itself into the bar where others struggle to reach. With the right perspective, some research and incessant product development, Marathon® will achieve to get into the mainstream in the years to come.

was the year that brought the name MARATHON® to the music industry. It was when two industry veterans, had an idea to sip a bit (just to see if it works) of some fortune to the music scene. And delightedly it worked out for them. It was when they started to get involved in the music industry for the past fifteen-years running a specialty DJ store in Los Angeles area since 1988. Then five-years later they decided to make their own brand, hence the birth of Marathon® Professional. The name was an idea given for a reason. The word is unforgettable and sounded more of a competition — a competition, a leg for this industry standards. What they thought at first was to bring in a 15” dual speaker, and from then on people kept asking for more models. And they listened. So they made a single 15” speaker and a line of amplifiers. Until dealers were approaching to host Marathon® products. The key to this company was to listen to what the consumer wants with an agreeable pricing, quality and constant advancement of Marathon® products. That is why non-stop research is intended for such a young company as Marathon® to meet up with the big guys.

was the year when Marathon® introduced the Professional Audio line, bringing CD Players, Mixers and Amplifiers. These products became the flagship of the Professional Audio line. Since then more Marathon® products started to emerge including a line of professional audio products such as CD players, mixers, amplifiers, and speakers. But they didn’t stop there, they started to build storage cases that is known for as the Flight Road Cases. As far as a DJ’s concern, it would be a huge amount of comfort to fit all in the gears in one strategically made case. With all protection and DJ friendly case features. But with some case-making-competitors, Marathon® is different, in terms of design and product-precise compatibility, in terms of innovative designs, we have made a patent-pending laptop shelf that is great and would ease a Dj’s anxiety as to where they would place their laptop. With more products starting to turn up, especially for the computer-based DJ’s, Marathon’s team are designing “ready-made” cases for a specific brand product — making it more personalized.

An ideal business partner
Marathon® does not only secure your gears with cases, but also secures a dealer from profit and margin. We welcome dealers to sell our products. Giving an adequate amount of margin and a reasonable value of percentage for profit makes us a good business partner.

To date, there are about 300+ SKU’s in Marathon’s full-line of products. And what excites us most, is the emergence of new technology each day such as the computer and video based DJ gears that challenges Marathon’s team to research and innovate new products and become unstoppable in the years to come.

MARATHON® brought again exciting new products. The powered speakers and subwoofers were so competitive that Marathon® was considered as one of the leading company in the industry. The speakers were redesigned and improved for greater sound quality. And the introduction of the Black Series Cases and the Black Red / Black Blue Flight Road Cases created a big buzz and still continues to have a enthusiastic response.Looking forward this 2010!

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