MARATHON MC-4 (MC4 - ME800) 4-Deck DJ MIDI / Music Controller with Built-In Channel Mixer - Virtual DJ 7 LE (RETIRED)

MARATHON MC-4 (MC4 - ME800) 4-Deck DJ MIDI / Music Controller with Built-In Channel Mixer - Virtual DJ 7 LE (RETIRED)

MARATHON MC-4 (MC4 - ME800) 4-Deck DJ MIDI / Music Controller with Built-In Channel Mixer - Virtual DJ 7 LE (RETIRED)
Item# MC4

Product Description

  • Four-Deck DJ controller with Built-in DJ mixer
  • Integrated DJ mixer allows you to connect two external sources plus two microphones
  • Built-in Professional USB audio interface with balanced XLR outputs
  • Large Sensitive Control Wheels
  • High-Resolution MIDI, provides ultra-tight control and response
  • Four-deck version of VirtualDJ 7 LE Compatible
  • Mixer section with EQ, loop and effects controls



    Top Specs


    1. Master - Control the volume of the master output.

    2. Booth - Control the volume of the booth output.

    3. Track

    • a.Select a track you would like to play.

    • b.Press it to confirm the selection of a folder or a track.

    4. Load - Load a track to a specific channel.

    5. Back - Press it back to browse other folders. In folder structure panel, press a folder with sub-folders to expand or collapse.

    6. Shift

    Search: Hold it and dial the jog wheel to search a start point of a track you would like to play from.

    Compound Function: Hold it to enable the buttons with the second mapping to activate the compound function.

    • a.Key: When pressing with Shift, it enables to change among different pitch ranges.

    • b.Sample Rec: Press it with Shift to activate Smart Cue function.

    • c.In: Press it with Shift to activate Smart Loop function.

    • d. Out: Press it with Shift to activate Reloop playback.

    • e.Load: Press 1~4 to switch among different control panels.

    • f.Cue 1~ Cue 4: Press one of these four buttons to toggle respective 1/8 ~ 1 beat length for the beat loop playback.

    7. Gain and EQ

    • Ÿ   Gain: Adjust the input signal level.

    • Ÿ   Hi: Adjust the input tremble response.

    • Ÿ   Mid: Adjust the input midrange response.

    • Ÿ   Low: Adjust the input bass response.

    8. Filter - Turn it to adjust high pass and low pass ratio of Filter sound effect.

    9. Cue - Press it to monitor its belonging channel.

    10. Fader Assign - Press L or R to assign a channel to the left side or the right side of the crossfader.

    11. Line Fader - Use it to adjust the sound level.

    12. Crossfader - Use it to switch or mix between the playing tracks.

    13. Effect

    • Parameter: Turn to adjust the parameter of a sound effect.

    • Select: Choose a certain effect.

    • On/Off: Switch on or off the sound effect.

    14. Key - Adjust the key of the playing track without changing its tempo.

    15. Sample

    • Volume: Adjust the volume of a sample playback.

    • Select: Choose a certain sample.

    • On/Off: Toggle on or off a sample playback.

    16.   Hot Cue & Beat Loop

    • Beat Loop: Press it to switch between Beat Loop or Hot Cue mode.

    • In Hot Cue mode, set a cue point to one of four buttons for instant Hot Cue play.

    • In Beat Loop mode, these buttons represent the different beat length for instant trigger Beat Loop playback.

    17. Seamless Loop

    • a.Press IN and then press OUT to form a loop playback.

    • b.Press /2 or X2 to shift between a beat value for Auto Loop. Press OUT to toggle Auto Loop playback.

    • c.When a loop playback is activated, press /2 or X2 to trim the loop length.

    18. Deck Switch - When this button is illuminated, it means the deck control is switched from Deck 1 to Deck 3 or Deck 2 to Deck 4.

    19. Pitch Fader - Use it to adjust the pitch up or down to match the beat with the other channel.

    20. Key - Press it to switch KEY mode on or off. If it is ON, the unit maintains at a constant tempo and doesn’t change while the pitch slider is moving.

    21. Scratch - Press this button to activate the touch sensitive jog wheel to allow touch scratch.

    22. Play/ Pause - Press this button to start the playback or let the playback pause.

    23. Cue - In pause mode, press this button to set a memorized point for instant play; in play mode, press this button to pause the music and return to the memorized point.

    Holding down this button will start the playback from the cue point. Releasing it will pause the track and return to the cue point.

    24. SYNC - Press it to immediately synchronize with the BPM of the other channel.

    25. Jog Wheel

    • a.         Dial it to speed up or slow down the speed to temporarily change the pitch.

    • b.         Use it to do Scratch effect.


    Front Specs


    26. Headphone - Connect a headphone with a 6.3mm plug into the jack. Turn Volume knob to adjust the output level and turn Cue/Mix knob to adjust the ratio between master output and cue channel.

    27. MIC Input - Connect a microphone with a 6.3mm plug into the jack. Turn the knob to control the volume.

    28. Audio Thru - Use it to switch on/off AUX IN of CH3 and CH4. This function is only available in Virtual DJ PRO 7.

    29. Touch Sensitive Level - This is used only when adjusting the proper touch sensitivity level of the jog wheel for Scratch. When you find the touch sensitivity you prefer, this is not necessary to be adjusted again.

    30. Fader Curve - Use it to switch between two fader curve modes.


    Back Specs


    31.   Input Level - Use this knob to adjust the proper input volume to prevent distortion.

    32.   Line/ Phono - Use these two sets of jacks to connect to CD players or turntables.

    33.   Master Output - One set is balanced XLR and the other set is RCA socket. They are used to connect to a main speaker.

    34.   Booth - Use this set of jack to connect with a monitor speaker.

    35.   USB Connector - Use it to connect with a computer by a USB cable.

    36.   Power Input - This product requires a power adaptor to get sufficient power supply.


    Audio Specification

    - Sampling Frequency 44.1 KHz, Audio Resolution : 16 bit

    - Output level: 1.2V+-0.2V

    - THD+N:         < 0.03%

    - S/N:               > 80dB

    - Crosstalk:      > 80dB

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